I definitely miss my classes and I can’t wait to be back in school despite how difficult this year may be.

Almost no likeness but I had to pay my respects. Rest in peace Mr. Williams. #robinwilliams #mrsdoubtfire #deadpoetssociety #jumanji #sketch #drawing

If you havent seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet then youre missing out.

Rough Batman sketch for Batman Day!

more egghead sketches.

Holy whale i look huge next to @yukoart. I was so flustered meeting her. Never felt so awkward in my life, but it was a great lecture.

my piece for Illustration Friday: Beard. Took a photo of my Beardie and ran with it. 

Sneak Peek for this week’s Illustration Friday: Beard. I was playing with my Beardie so I took a photo of him and worked from there. Made some mistakes while I was inking but I’m trying to work around it.

I also worked on a little bit larger paper than I’m used to.

Reading up at B&N. #HRGiger (at Barnes and Noble)

Morning egghead sketches.